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The Shame of Baku - Azerbaijan

In 2011, prior to the Eurovision Song Contest being held in Azerbaijani, local authorities arranged a cull of the thousands of stray dogs that roamed as part of a citywide cleanup.

Horrific images surfaced of dogs being shot in the streets in full  public view, and indeed in front of children and bystanders, prompting one of the biggest civic initiatives seen in Baku in recent times.

Public outrage resulted in petitions and marches and an outpouring of anger towards the Azervaijani Government to legislate to stop the killing.

Although city officials temporarily took notice of the outcry, its effect was short lived with long-term and more humane means of dealing with the problem such as finding homes and setting up shelters were abandoned.

The Killing Continued.

Defiant of the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals, the intention to continue the cull was compounded by the construction and introduction of hundreds of furnaces designed to accommodate and burn animal carcasses.

Prior to the European Games in June 2015, the cities stray dog cull intensified with an estimated 79000 dogs being exterminated in the streets.

Even more disturbing is the allegation that in order to save bullets, many dogs are simply caught and thrown alive into the furnaces to burn to death.

There is also evidence that many city dog catchers are deliberately running animals over with cars to eradicate the problem.

Now that the European Games are over, there seems to be no reduction in the cities aggressive culling program, with the continuation of inhumane killing methods including poisoning, non-lethal shooting, maiming, trapping,  and burning continuing on a daily basis.

Our information comes to us from our undercover activists in the region who report that the cries of screaming, tortured animals are relentless and maddening.

Its time to stop this once and for all

You can help us by sending a clear message to the Azerbaijan Agricultural Minister Heydar Khanish Asadov

That the world community has no tolerance for cruelty of this type and it  is time to stand up and mandate against it.


All eyes are upon Azerbaijan – the culling must stop and humane means and shelters must be set up to accommodate the problem.

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