Kindness * Compassion * Respect * Unity 

Kindness. * Compassion * Respect * Unity


In today's world, it is absolutely vital that you microchip your beloved family pet.

Most countries require that animals are micro chipped prior to adoption from shelters, registered breeders, vets or pounds.

If you find yourself caring for an animal that is not micro chipped, its really the first thing you need to tell your vet when you have a health check

If you move house or change locations in anyway, you must contact your local vet to update the contact details on the chip, this way, if your pet escapes you can be contacted quickly and easily.

Micro chipping does not hurt your animal and is not expensive. Assistance animals generally receive this service free of charge.

Additionally, its also beneficial to fix identification to your pets collar. It can be as simple as an engraved tag, or as sophisticated as as canister or USB model, whichever you chose, it will be the lifeline between you and your forever friend in the event of an emergency.