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Kindness. * Compassion * Respect * Unity

Behavioral Issues

Typically, dogs in particular, are eager to please their owners, however, there are some, who, for lack of training, or education or boredom, decide that it would be nice to have some play time at the expense of your pot plants, carpet, toilet role or back yard.

So, how do we fix this?

Well, strangely enough, its not as difficult as you might think. All it takes is consistency from you on reinforcing desired behavior and ignoring bad behavior.

Never smack your dog or cat, because they do not comprehend what that action relates too. Remember, they don't relate that smack to them peeing on the floor 20 minutes ago.

Be a pack leader to your dog, and demonstrate to him, what you want him to do, keep training sessions to short 10 minute duration's and reinforce the behavior with lots of positive reinforcement and praise.

Treats are great for reinforcing desired behavior in dogs also. 

Never punish your dog for making mistakes, its all a learning process, flipping, scruffing or alpha rolling is detrimental to your dog and the relationship it has with you.

Fear based training is proven to be not effective. 

Train your dog when you are feeling energetic and happy, because animals 'pick up' on your energy and a positive disposition will ensure that your dog is as receptive as possible.

This is a really general, and brief touch on behavior and we have used dogs as an example, but the same principles apply to other species, such as cats and kittens etc. 

If your really struggling with behavior, you may need to contact your local puppy school for help or perhaps consult an animal behaviorist who can advise you.

We do have experience in this area, and are happy for you to email us with any questions or problems your having.