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Climate & Animal Health

Did you know that dogs can not sweat? They lose internal body heat by panting, laying their stomachs on cool surfaces and through the souls of their feet.

Walking your dog on a hot summer night is the worst thing you can do, because they have no effective way of eliminating built up heat inside the body.

Dogs are particularly prone to heat stroke, and their have been cases of dogs simply falling dead without warning on their walks.  Bottom line, if its hot, keep your dogs out of the heat.

There have been cases, sadly, of people locking dogs in cars on warm days. It doesn't even have to be hot outside for the interior of the car to heat up like a furnace in just a few minutes.

Be warned, locking your dog in a car is a felony offense and you will be prosecuted under the animal cruelty act in your country for the crime.

Brachycephalic breeds, (breeds with short noses like bulldogs and pugs) are really susceptible to overheating, because, due to the modified scull construction, they often find panting difficult - resulting in more internal heat build up.

What do I do on hot summer days?

When your away from home, you need to make sure that the animal has access to shelter, shade and plenty of water.

Ice treats are a great idea, you can freeze water with treats inside a plastic container for your dog to lick to keep cool.

What if its cold outside?

If its cold outside, then you need to ensure the safety of your animal by giving them protection from the elements and by keeping them warm.

Coats are useful for horses and dogs and cats should be kept inside.

Its your responsibly to make sure you provide the right care to animals in your company because they rely on you for their life.

If you have any questions, you can contact your local vet or shelter, animal welfare organization, or you can email us.