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Kindness. * Compassion * Respect * Unity

Cruelty Free Brands

In today's consumer market, manufacturers are really being pressured to produce products that are cruelty free.

By this, we mean, cosmetics and household products that do not contain animal ingredients and those that do not engage in testing products on animals.

Cosmetics testing involves dropping chemicals into eyes for shampoos and skin products, right through to the forced inhalation of lethal products like bleach by beagles.

Animals that are used in product testing laboratories are used again and again until they finally die or need to be euthanized. Its a horrific, and sadistic industry, but you can help it stop.


Its very simple. There is a massive marketing advantage these days for manufacturers who recognize the consumer groups who will not buy cruelty based products.

These manufacturers will proudly print on their packaging and bottles that their products are not tested on animals or that they are cruelty free.

You, as the consumer, need to take a stand on being a part of the problem to force the big companies like L'Oriel to stop mutilating animals for profit.

Leaping Bunny.Org, is a coalition of compassionate manufacturers who have happily added their brands to the European Unions Cruelty free brands list. (click on the link to the left)

Its the most advanced and comprehensive, transparent disclosure program of its type in the world, and an invaluable place for you to visit; so that you can make more informed choices.

We are part of the solution. Not the problem. That's why your here.