Kindness * Compassion * Respect * Unity 

Kindness. * Compassion * Respect * Unity

Choice & Cruelty Free Living

What is that exactly?

Well, its pretty simple really, its about being educated, and interested, and considerate about what you buy, how you live and what you eat.

Making the conscious decision to pursue a cruelty free lifestyle, is quite literally, THE most empowering decision that you will ever make.


Because for too long, we, as consumers have been manipulated and lied to by advertising companies and manufacturers about the true origins of our products and our food. But you know what? Those days are over.

Consumers have smartened up. We are more informed, and well educated and unwilling to be the pawns of the profit driven industries that bury cruelty behind closed doors.

Living a cruelty free life, simply means taking a breath and reading the label. You know about the cruelty in the dairy industry, you know about the cruelty in the factory  farming industry, you know about puppy milling, you know about the horror of animals being skinned alive for their fur.

Now that you know that cosmetics companies test with barbarity on animals for their products, you are in a position to make better choices.

That's what its all about.

You will feel differently when you decide to empower yourself with the ability to reject and deny products, people and ideas that promote or covet cruelty and as your passion grows, you will become a part of an international revolution of like-minded, caring compassionate people who believe in all life equally.

"If we could live happy lives without hurting anyone or anything, why wouldn't we?"