Kindness * Compassion * Respect * Unity 

Kindness. * Compassion * Respect * Unity

Foster Care

Animal foster care workers play a vital role in clinics, welfare agencies and rescue organizations that honor a non-euthanasia policy.

This means that any animal, no matter how big or small, will be housed in temporary care until suitable placement is found in a forever home.

Foster care workers, quite literally, save lives and give helpless animals that would otherwise be destroyed, a second chance at a new life in a loving home. 

To be a foster carer, you need to contact your local animal vet, welfare organization or rescue organization and register your details.  You will be interviewed to ascertain if you are a suitable applicant, and you may be background checked for any convictions of animal related cruelty.  The organization will probably come and see your house, to verify that you are adequately set up to house foster animals, and once approved, you are generally assisted financially for the cost of food and upkeep on animals. 

Foster carers are a very  special type of person, parting with animals that you have nursed or bonded with while waiting for forever homes can be emotional, but if you think that you have love in your heart to give to animals in need of a second chance, then foster caring can be the answer for you.