Kindness * Compassion * Respect * Unity 

Kindness. * Compassion * Respect * Unity

Get Involved

In order for us to bring about true, honest and long lasting change, we all need to get together and get involved.


But what prevents people from taking the first step to 'doing something', despite how passionate they feel about an issue?

In a nutshell, FEAR.

Fear prevents action. It stifles change and leads to inactivity, and its just so unnecessary.

Standing up and having a voice, leaving a legacy, taking a stand against injustice, all of these  things are not to be feared. The only fear, is the fear itself.

If your feeling afraid to not become involved, just try to imagine for one second the paralyzing fear of an animal before it is skinned alive, or a cow before it is slaughtered or animals before they are crushed to death in crush videos.

Try to imagine the fear that is experienced by  harp seals and mill dogs before they are bludgeoned to death.      Now THAT'S fear!! 

You have the power within you to change the course of history, by having a voice, by being part of a movement of human beings who have evolved into understanding that all life is equal.

By letting go of your fear, you can conquer the world in every area of your life.

Getting involved,  is ordinary people, doing extraordinary things.

This is YOU

By being here, you have already taken the first steps.

Keep going!