Kindness * Compassion * Respect * Unity 

Kindness. * Compassion * Respect * Unity

Welcome to WAWO, this is who we are! 

We want to start by introducing you to our mascot. The lovely Miss Misha!

Misha is our inspiration as the core values of her species, have driven us in our quest to educate the public about animal welfare issues. 

Misha represents strength and unity, that together we can drive change, raise awareness, stop crime and give voices to those who go unheard.

This young lady is also unafraid to stand head on and look you right in the eye, she demands attention without being aggressive, and most importantly, her species has given us our core values with her dedication to family. 

We consider every sentient being to be a part of our family, we believe in the value and significance of life, that size does not determine importance or validity, and that every soul has a right to live without fear, persecution, oppression, abuse and neglect.

We thank Miss Misha for empowering us and for allowing the manifestation of the qualities that drive us.
                                                         Kindness * Compassion * Respect * Unity