Kindness * Compassion * Respect * Unity 

Kindness. * Compassion * Respect * Unity

Speaking Out Campaign

Did you know, that there are more people in the world who are good and kind that those who are mean?

Did you know that there are more people in the world who know right from wrong than those who do not?

Did you know, that the very fact that you are here, means that you are one of the majority of kind-hearted compassionate people in the world who want to put an end to animal cruelty?

Well we can.  And here's how.

By using our voices. By speaking out against animal cruelty, and reporting offenders. 

By not being afraid to stand together against injustice and voice our disapproval at individuals, organizations and corporations that are engaged in the exploitation of animals. 
By standing up to and resisting industry norms in animal farming. 

Having a voice and speaking out, is not just about speech. Its is also about voicing your  opinion in the way that you shop, by being an intelligent, informed consumer and giving just a  little more attention to buying cruelty free products. Yes, you might just have to read the label.

Speaking out is about strength in our community, because we can make a difference and oppress those who insist on trying to drive a cruel world.

We are not inherently cruel as a species, most of us just want to live in a kind, peaceful world where there is harmony and kindness around us. Well, this can be achieved and it is up to us to stand together in our every  day lives, and educate all of those around us about self empowerment to do good.

Your heart will thank you. You will think differently, feel  differently, and  behave differently, and  you will feel empowered  in the simple act of making a difference to yourself but more importantly, to the animals and to the world in which we live. 

Check out the kill stats to the left to appreciate the volume.

These are the numbers of animals killed since you opened this webpage. They do not include the millions of animals killed every year in clinics, universities, and laboratories.

They do not include the millions of animals killed every year in shelters, or animals who are held captive in circuses, rodeos, zoos and marine parks.

They do not include animals who are forced into blood sports such as dog fighting, cock fighting, bear baiting, horse racing industry or the greyhound industry, where these animals are exterminated when no longer useful.

Speak Up Against Injustice And Have A Powerful Voice In The World 
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