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What are the Alternatives?

Well, the DAFF is dismissive of the chilled or frozen meat trade because in its opinion, it “..fails to take into account the requirements of the market” Claiming that lack of refrigeration and cold chain facilities as well as ‘strong cultural preferences’ like that of the Middle East for meat that is Halal prevent these changes from being implemented.

However, transitioning into these systems would prevent unnecessary animal cruelty, implement tighter regulation on animal handling and slaughtering process, with this being done within Australia and it would also create plenty of job opportunities in rural Australia, where jobs are few and far between. This is contrary to the meat industries claim that thousands of jobs would be lost. The facts are, that these jobs would remain, and many more would be created.

It is a fact, that the live trade industry, has actually resulted in a decline of jobs throughout regional Australia through its impact in the drop in the domestic processing sector.

Various studies ranging from 2009 & 2010 have determined that a structured transition into the meat-only trade will not be disadvantageous to the cattle and sheep producers of Australia.

So far as inadequate refrigeration capability, its up to the supply chain participants to make sure that they are set up to accept and store food products at the right temperatures, and further to this, 99.5% of households in the Middle East own refrigerators.

Despite over 41 investigations and tighter regulation of animals shipped to the Middle East, Africa and Indonesia, Australian animals continue to this day to be subjected to incomprehensible cruelty.

There are so many viable alternatives when it comes to protecting the rights on animals and we can make changes and have Live Export Banned.

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