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Kindness. * Compassion * Respect * Unity

Live Animal Export
Australia is the largest exporter of sheep and cattle to the middle east in the world. Unfortunately, when the animals arrive, if they are alive, they are subject to crude, horrific, cruel deaths at the hands of those with no know-how or compassion. Australia must retract its live export legislation to allow animals to be slaughtered there, where there is at least some hope that it will be humane. Enter here to find out more.
Factory Farms
Without doubt, factory farms are hell on earth. Animals are crated into pens for their entire lives, unable to turn around. They have their young torn from them, they are mutilated, and tortured.
Factory farm animals never see the sun, or feel the wind, they are fed food pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormone and are treated like nothing but a dollar sign.
The days of factory farming need to be over, and we're on board with this.
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Puppy Mills
Illegal breeders keep dogs permanently pregnant to profit from the illegal sale of their pups.
They target pet shops and ignorant consumers to do this.
Dogs are kept in disgusting, dirty, feral conditions, never given any attention, affection or medical help.
Once no longer able to produce they are killed. Often by being hit with baseball bats or hammers, or they are simply dumped alone to die.
Every time you buy from a pet shop, you are signing a death sentence for an animal in a shelter who desperately needs your help and your love.  - Think about that.
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The Dairy Industry
Cows only produce milk to feed their young, so they are kept permanently pregnant in the factory farm to feed us.
They are fed abnormal levels or hormone to produce abnormal levels of milk and their calves are ripped from them at 1 day old and placed into calf crates.
Here, they remain in a little box, alone, until they are a few weeks old, when they are then murdered for their meat.  There is NOTHING humane about the dairy industry, its in need of serious reform, and we will be rallying for this in the near future. 
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